Secure, Intelligent Health Data Delivery

HealthFlow Empowers Care Coordination and Outcomes Through Secure, Patient Centric Design

Current State:

Health data is scattered across electronic systems and locked in paper forms. This creates friction and leads to immense challenges for providers, systems, and most importantly patients to aggregate data into longitudinal patient record.

Getting to this longitudinal record is critical in the effort to improve care coordination and care outcomes at the patient level.

To address the friction in health data exchange HealthFlow:  

  • Aggregates data from disparate sources via standards-based and custom APIs/connectors to enable healthcare data interoperability
  • Processes and enriches data in alignment with clinical standards
  • Packages and formats data for easy, secure exchange across entities
  • Tracks exchange details and consent

HealthFlow provides the foundation for the patient-specific longitudinal record. Empowering patients through Blockchain-enabled secure data exchanges that are Patient-driven. Underlying these capabilities, HealthFlow incorporates Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Smart Contracts to enable resilient and reliable self-sovereign identity and consent management for every patient in the HealthFlow system.


Intelligent Integration as a Service

Combining advanced tooling with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning (NLP/ML), the HealthFlow platform accelerates on-boarding of new partners and data sources, as well as management of change, through enhanced context discovery and automated information mapping, drastically improving accuracy of the data exchanged and reducing time to value.

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Built For Secure Fully Auditable Exchange

  • Active HIPAA and GDPR-compliant design is core to the HealthFlow platform
  • Advanced cryptographic protocols ensure that data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Native distributed ledger technology provides an immutable record of all data sharing requests (approved and denied) and actively demonstrates the payload was delivered intact
  • Privacy preserving machine learning techniques such as fully homomorphic encryption and secure multi-part computation provides enhanced value and security when dealing with competitive collaborators

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Complete Patient Visibility and Empowerment

HealthFlow was founded to support data transparency, enable patient engagement, and ultimately empower patients to take ownership of their own healthcare. We believe this is the only way to drive value based delivery and ultimately improve outcomes.

By aggregating data from the never-ending array of sources, processing it to increase value and align with standards, and packaging it for secure healthcare data interoperability information exchange, HealthFlow provides the foundation for achieving a patient-specific longitudinal record.

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